We are actively working with the following technologies, languages, frameworks, CMSs:

YII Framework

YII Framework is a constantly gaining momentum Open source PHP-framework. It is nice and comfortable to use it. Our programmers are delighted with it. It has the support of writing unit-tests from the box.
Easy way to work with the distribution rights. Comfortable validation.


The most popular scripting language for building websites. The main advantages are simplicity, speed, rich functionality, cross-platform use, source code distributed under PHP-license, a large set of built-in tools for developing web applications.

Symfony 2

Symfony 2 is a free framework written in PHP5, which uses the Model-View-Controller pattern. Symfony offers rapid development and management of Web applications, you can easily perform routine tasks of web programmer.

Zend Framework

Zend Framework is a free framework for PHP for developing web applications and web services, allowing you to create high-load projects.


Drupal ia a system for creating and managing web projects (Content Management System). Using this system you can build sites of various purpose and complexity, management of the created by Drupal site does not require programming knowledge.
Drupal architecture allows to use it to build different types of websites – from blogs and forums to information archives or news sites. A standard set of modules includes features such as news feed, blog, forum, download files, news collector, polls, search and others. A large number of additional modules greatly extend the basic functionality.
Drupal system three times was named the best content management system.

Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration (CI)  is the practice of software development, which task is to perform the automated builds of project for the early identification and resolution of problems of integration.
In a typical project, where the developers are working independently over different parts of the system, integration is the final stage.
It can delay the completion of work unpredictably.
Transition to continuous integration helps to reduce the complexity of integration and make it more predictable through the earliest detection and elimination of errors and inconsistencies.


We use:

  • EJB
  • JPA/Hibernate
  • Spring/Seam/Struts/GWT
  • XML/XSD/XSLT/Xpath
  • ActiveMq/Xercex/Ibatis/Axis
  • etc.

iPhone/iPad (Objective-C)

We have developed more than 10 applications for iPhone.
Our experience allows us to do an adequate assessment and meet deadlines.

Android (Java)

The number of Android devices have outrun iPhone long time ago. Android Development is becoming increasingly important.
We have extensive experience with various aspects of programming for Android: Gps, accelerator, e-commerce, business applications.

Applications for BTL-actions