Consulting Group “РУНА” (

For four years we have been working with Antalika.

During this time, there was a lot of work done on our Open Source WorkFlow-system RUNA.

We are satisfied with the cooperatio, and we continue to work together.

Miheev Andrej, Head of Development



“ТопЭксперт” Ltd. 
Company Antalika supported us at a difficult time and made for us several projects. Thanks to Alexey and his team for the timely execution of projects.

Leonid Grohovskij, Expert in SEO


Grouponza is the only solution to run the collective buying site in runet in terms of price / quality. We once have revised many options, including the western ones, and realized that the solution from Antalika is better than other counterparts.

Evgenij, Moscow


In  2011 we bought the system Grouponza Pro + and then Antalika modified the product for us – all in all we’re very happy.

Aleksandr Kazakov, Moscow



CakePHP. Modifying and support of the portal.
Alexey’s team has successfully resolved all the issues of the project. Continuing to work with them.
Antonenko Vasilij



Borisov Aleksandr
Work is done efficiently and on time! There were new requests and refinements on the project, to which Alexey responded promptly and offered possible solutions. I recommend!


Satisfied with the executor:
a clear understanding of the client’s problems
correct preparation of scope statement
competent support of the project
I recommend for cooperation!

Sahnik Vadim

All neatly done, but I would like it to be faster.
Thank you. I am satisfied.

Zaira Kamilova: We received the site data. Thank you and your team! Good luck!

Grouponza is a system that is very flexible and easy to use. And it is also very easy to add a translation to the desired language
Baatar, Mongolia