We strive to change the world.

We are constantly growing and are looking for our TEAM:

  • creative
  • active
  • professional
  • interested
  • communicative

Send Your CVs for the following vacancies in a free form about your attitude to life, plans for professional achievements, about your favorite online projects :

А Marketing Specialist

We are looking for a gifted marketing specialist who will tell us what to do!
We need exactly a proactive and ambitious person but not a sleepy body who came for a pay.
We need a person who is able to achieve the accomplishment of original problems from any executive.
You should be passionate to use traffic, conversion, understand SEO, and be able to customize the context (Direct, AdWords).

You should be able to coordinate the work of a designer, a developer, a copywriter, a frontend developer or to work with them through our project manager.
You should be able to realize yourself both in the promotion of products and IT-services.
You will have budget for marketing initially not very large.
Our sales team consists of 8 managers so we have people to process leads.
You will get KPI (tied up with the number of leads from which your bonus depends).
If you are exhausted of work in a company where nobody listen to you and consider your opinion where nobody gives you possibility to go forward and nobody set up any experiments, come to us!

What we prefer to see instead of ordinary CV:
Your case
Your advance and succeed
All the certificates you can leave at home

Sales manager

What we can offer:

  1. Good payment (salary + %)
  2. Unlimited growth of your income
  3. Believe us, we have many services that can be sold (both cheap and expensive)
  4. Except for services you can sell ready products
  5. We also do the implementation and integration of systems of different levels, which also costs much

Interested – then you are welcome.

But better call right now:  +375-29-333-1223 or +375-17-294-3054

Looking for guru in PHP-development:


  • Work experience 3 years and more
  • Experience in working with high-loaded projects
  • You know Memcache, Redis, ActiveMq and know how to “properly” cook this kitchen
  • You know more patterns than just Singleton, Factory and Facade
  • We say 2-3 sentences and you are able to understand the essence of the problem and its solution requirements
  • You have successfully used the unit-testing on your projects
  • Jenkins/Hudson/Bamboo – you’ve used at least one of these and CI is not just an empty sound for you
  • Refactoring, CodeReview, FishEye
  • You can be woken up at 2am and you can configure Nginx to return of statics
  • Hot Updates of Production without falling, and other surprises
  • Build automation of projects (Ant / Maven or Phing) – as the Lord’s Prayer
  • You have been “smoking” Node.js и MongoDb for a long time

If you want to develop a truly interesting and important projects – will be glad to see you in our team.

Salary: from $2200



  • Work experience 2 years and more
  • Desire and ability to work in team


  • PHP, MySQL, JS
  • Desirable: Smarty
  • Basic knowledge of typesetting

Junior php-developer:

Working experience from 6 months to 1.5 years

You get:

  • Interesting projects for professional growth
  • Comfortable workplace equipped to suit your taste
  • Great close-knit team
  • Convenient office location (metro station J.Kolasa)
  • Cafe right in the building for those who love to eat
  • High level of wages

work at office, flexible work schedule



estimate of the time required for projects or tasks;
design and development of applications for iPhone / iPad;
writing technical documentation;
Debugging and support of published applications.

confident knowledge and understanding of Object-Oriented Programming;
knowledge of classical algorithms and data structures;
basic knowledge of XML / JSON / HTML / HTTP protocol;
programming experience in C / C + + / Objective-C from one year (fluency in the language and core libraries, third-party libraries) ;
good knowledge of SQL;
Programming for Apple iOS (iPhone and iPad) from 2 years;
confident knowledge of iPhone SDK / iPad SDK, Apple Human Interface Guidelines for iPhone, Apple Human Interface Guidelines for iPad;
working experience with XCode / Interface Builder;
fluency in the iPhone API, including CoreFoundation, CoreGraphics, CoreAnimation, CoreLocation, MapKit;
working experience with the server part of application development;
clear understanding of software development processes;
team work experience;
fluency in the spoken and written English for reading / writing technical documentation;
the presence of your own applications in the App Store is welcomed.


Requirements for qualification:
- Good knowledge of Java for Android
- Experience in the development of universal user interfaces for smartphones and tablets
- The presence of completed projects for Android in the portfolio
- Working experience with JNI

Would be a plus:
- Experience with Web Services
- Experience with NDK
- Experience in developing user interfaces and components associated with NDK.
- Experience with RDBMS

Functional responsibilities:
- participation in the development of corporate applications for mobile devices;
- Development of Front-End products for mobile devices.


Who are we looking for:
Have you worked with Agile-methodologies and know J2EE, XML, etc. ?
Do you want to work with a team of professionals?

Project description:  analysis system for reviews on hotels in social networks (analogue Youscan)

What do we expect:

  • 5 or more years of experience in IT
  • 3-5 years with Java
  • Experience with technologies: Spring, JPA / Hibernate, Ibatis / Mybatis, AspectJ, BlazeDS, Ehcache, Castor, JAXB, ActiveMQ, MongoDb
  • Understanding of the principles of software design
  • Ability to work under tight deadlines

Javascript – developer:


  •     expert knowledge of JavaScript;
  •     understanding of Object-Oriented Programming, MVC;
  •     at least one year of experience in developing JavaScript applications, libraries or components;
  •     knowledge of jQuery, Prototype, YUI libraries or others;
  •     practical working experience with HTML / CSS;


  •     English;
  •     programming experience in a language other than JavaScript;
  •     JavaScript MVC frameworks;


  •     development of client applications;
  •     development of client modules and components for existing systems;