Online auction software.

5 trading models. Single/Multi-vendor + shopCart.

Scandy is an online auction software that supports single vendor and multivendor business models + a shopping cart.

VIP auction allows gathering participants beforehand to sell unique, expensive goods.
English auction
English auction - The auction where the last bid wins. The cost goes from minimum to maximum. Monetization is based on the % per each sale from sellers. The same model is used in,, etc. One vendor / Multi vendor support.
Dutch auction
Dutch auction - Dutch auctions start from maximum price to minimum price. Each bid reduces the cost of a lot. Monetization is based on bids and the % of sale. The more bids a lot receives, the more are the profits.
Pennybid auction
Pennybid auction - This is the most exciting auction. It is based on the the idea of low price of high quality goods. Monetization is based on bids (buyers have to buy bids packages) and % of sale. In some countries it might be difficult to launch that type of auctios, buy we have the solution how to run in legally in any country. Contact us for details.
Reveal auction
Reveal auction - This type of auction takes after Dutch auction. The main difference is that the price is hidden. Each bid lowers the price. A buyer has to make a decision within 5 seconds whether to buy a lot, which leads to impulsive and flash sales.
Vip auction
Vip auction - This is what we are proud of. VIP auction is used to sell rare items with Buy-in feature (like in poker tournaments). You can configure: the minimum quantity of users to start the auction and the amount of money to pay before start. The auctions starts when the parameters are met. If the auction won't start, the money will be paid back to users accounts automatically.
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We order custom auction development from Antalika. The core of the system was Scandy, and on top of that we built our own custom logic with patent-pending algorythms
Maxim K.,
We ordered automobile auction software for our company. The task was to create a tool with more customer engaging mechanics. For now we see that we are able to sell cars a higher margin than we did before. Well done!
Sergey S., Project manager
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