Grouponza multilanguage MultiGrouponza is a new, improved version of the system of collective purchases Grouponza, which is characterized by fault-tolerance, improved user interface and usability, is multilingual and possesses other functional benefits.

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Our system supports multilingualism both at the level of the interface (menu items) and at the database level (this means that the same offer can be described in different languages). If the user switches to another language, and if the translation of the offer exists, then the translation of the offer into another language will be shown. Multilingualism is topical, if there are a few peoples who speak different languages in your country. For example: Ukraine - Russian and Ukrainian, Kazakhstan - Kazakh and Russian, Canada - English and French, France - French and Arabic.

Design change

The new version allows you to change the site’s color scheme - directly from the admin panel.

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The possibility to change the color scheme of the design template in the website control system
Website multilingualism support (Russian and English)
The possibility to choose a default language in the website control system
Changing the site’s wallpaper in the control system
Changing the color scheme of the control system
The possibility to change the name of the offer and the coupon
The possibility to change the design templates
A ready design template in 3 options to choose from
The possibility to change a ready design template in the control system
Work in an unlimited number of cities
Buy a coupon for a friend (a coupon as a gift)
Integration with Robokassa / Interkassa / QIWI to choose from
Yandex / Google maps
Marketing meter fiddling of the number of purchases ( the number of purchased coupons, how many people bought them)
The possibility to access the site through social networks: Facebook, Vkontakte
Invite a friend and get $ 100 to your account (you can disable this option and change the amount of remuneration)
Screen for compulsory registration on the site.
Wish list. Module that allows users to specify the categories of deals that they would like to see on the site.
Cashier account
Categories of offers
Uploading data to
Uploading data to
Free setup of email newsletter
Standard contract to work with service providers
Design template of the business proposal to work with partners
Guidance and advice on the promotion of the service of collective purchases
Failure safety: 2+ database servers support
Module The coupon nominals
Module Unisender
Module Social Shopping
Module Autoregistration
Module Companies catalogue
The possibility to receive a coupon code through sms (sending through unisender)
Installation on any server
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