You have a growing business?

If so – let’s grow together! If not, then we can help you liquidate your business

Why do we need automation?

You have a constant flow of applications. For some you have time to process, for some – not.

Something is certainly lost.

And what does the loss of an application means for a business? This is the loss of sales and growth opportunities, and you want to grow too?

Therefore each application is important! Each application must be processed.

Solution № 1. Accounting automation of applications in your business

This could include:

  • Audit, identification of problem points.
  • Proposal for solution to the problem
  • Creating of a landing page (or an existing site optimization)
  • Accounting of the incoming applications (integration with CRM)
  • Selection of online consultant for the site

If there are too many of the applications, then:

Solution № 2: Scoring (ranking) of applications

Scoring (ranking) of applications, simply put, is “I have 200 hot clients and who is the first to call?”

This could include:

  • Defining the rules of scoring based on the specifics of your
  • Implementation of scoring rules (based on available data, email mailings and other factors)

The number of customers is growing? Excellent! But how to sell more? How to keep their attention? How to make them buy from you?

Solution № 3: Development of a system of customer retention

This could include:

  • Determination of repeat sales opportunities
  • Determination of what you can sell
  • Sales strategy for the current customers for the year
  • Strategy for retaining clients attention
  • Development of customer loyalty sysstem

What result do you get?

1.Less losses – more sales!

2.You’ll understand with whom to work in the 1st place

3.You’ll be able to sell more, sell again to the same people, get “customers for life”

Why us?

We went through it all
We’ve increased accounting and sales in our own business – and we can do the same for yours

The choice is yours:

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