Testing automation – is not for everyone.

In order not to lose time – answer to these questions quickly - and if there are less than 3 “yes” – immediately leave this page!
I’m already doing automation, but for me it costs about $ 30,000 a year (maybe even more) (not counting spending on vacations, hiring, coffee, cookies, etc.),
and I decided to save a little (at least to buy your wife a car or finally save money for your child’s education - because you also think about the future, don’t you?)
I have a large web project. Any update takes lots of time. And after updating a lot of mistakes occure which are being corrected for a very long time.
I have a product / startup or SaaS. Constant updates. I need to be confident in the stability of the system and I would like to produce releases faster and to be confident in their quality.
I’m going to start developing a serious and large (or just a long-term) web project and so I need to everything right (I need high quality, I need to produce releasesfaster)
I’ve already realized that I’m in the wrong place, where do I go? For wxample there - “sales automation for business” – it is also interesting there.
I already know what testing automation is – so what do you want to tell me?
We have no automators but the client said something about Selenium – and we urgently need to do it
We have no automators but the client necessarily wants testing automation
Our programmers are fed up with writing automation on Selenium and want “real mince”
My programmer has recently left the job because ”automation testing is not for him”
Automation is expensive and to do it you need a Java-programmer (be he a Solomon)
We already have automation on Seleniuim, we have already invested $ 60,000 in it, but there are still no normal reports ig to be honest …
Normal automators do not exist – or they are simply too difficult to find
Our software is delivered to different customers. Each has his own version and it’s difficult to know how the changes will behave in a particular customer situation – in short, it is a headache!
Why so many questions? Are you the smartest?

How can I put it – experience is the son of hard errors.

Automation testing? My programmer tests everything. Only need to check it for two weeks. And then a whole lot of errors appear.
Testing automation – no, not heard

I have more than 3 yes, what’s next?

We could have said like ships are dancing across the expanses of the “great theater” but in fact

We have a testing automation platform.

What can it give you:

If you hire the employees, it will cost you definitely less (java-programmers are not needed)

Low threshold of entering for new professionals (1-2 weeks)

You can organize your tests as you wish

You will have normal reports

You will stop to throw tens of thousands of dollars for your “golden wheel”

We can do testing automation for you.


Then get on board!