Actions on the map 

Antalika company presents the new module for collective purchases that will make them even easier. This module is called “Actions on the map”, which is explained simply enough – thanks to this module there will be a map on your coupon site, which displays all the existing actions.

Providing a visual display of the location of the actions on a map is a big step forward in the field of collective purchases and coupon sites. Now users can not only find the action throug the search of what is close to home and what needs a ride to the other end of town. With the module “Actions on the map” each person can determine which actions are found in convenient place where you can drop on by on the way to work – it will save time for your customers and attract more visitors. After all everyone strives for perfection, and if one coupon site has actions on the map and the other doesn’t, customers will flock to the place where more work was done and the best conditions for their comfort were prepared.


One need only to look at the work of this module and immediately all its benefits become visible, its effectiveness is really impressive. The map shows all the actions that are available in the website base and about each of them you can get more information, just click on the mark on the map. And right from the map you can go to the page of the action that you liked and purchase the coupon without delay.


Contact us and find out more about the new module “Actions on the map”.