Module “Contests” 

Making Contest:

To add a contest you need to enter the admin panel – Contests – adding Contest.

Fill in the necessary valid information – add.

The added contest appears in the list of the contests with the status “Completed.”

To display contest on the front-end of the contests block you must change the status to “Active.” (The message “status is updated successfully” appears)

To view the competition on the front-end you need to log in as an authorized user, then go to the “Contests” section and open the section you are interested in by clicking on “More”, the name of the contest or its image.



Adding photos for participation in the contest:

Adding a photo to any of the contests occures through the user’s personal cabinet – competitions.

In the “Contests” tab all the contests available at this time are displayed.

To add a photo you must select the contest from the list and click on its name.

Fill the fields with valid information – add.



If adding the photo is successful the message “Image sent for moderation” will appear. If some field was not filled the message “Please fill all the items” will be displayed.

To activate the photo that is on moderation and to display it in the list of photos participating in the contest you need to go to the admin panel – contests – and click the image of the portfolio against the necessary competition.


The companies list shows the number of the contest, image of the contest, date of contest creation, number of photos added by other users (for participation in comtest), status of the contest.

Contest management page displays: number of the added image, the added image, photo or picture name, name of the user who added a photo, surname of the user who added a picture, phone number of the user who added a picture, login of the user who added a picture and status of the added image.

After adding the photos by the user it is given the status “In moderation”. To display an image on the image list of contest on the front-end it is necessary to change the status of the desired photo to “Active.”


To view a list of images participating in the contest you must be logged in as an authorized user – Competitions – open the desired Contest, click on “More”, then click on the name or picture of the contest.

Under the description of the contest is a list of all the images involved in the competition, each image shows the number of voters for this photo.


To vote for any of the pictures please click on the picture you want. (page with a detailed description of the status of this picture will open).

Accrual of the votes:

A) For a vote by the coupon code one vote for every 5 rubles of coupon value is credited (if the coupon is worth 20 rubles, 4 votes will be credited).

To vote via coupon code the coupon must be purchased after the start of the contest, if the coupon was purchased before the start of the contest coupon code will not be counted. Enter the site as an authorized user – go to the page with the list of contests – select the desired competition – select image which you are about to vote for –  enter coupon code in the “Coupon Number” field, click “Vote!”. The message “Thank you for voting, N balls were enrolled” will be displayed.

B) 1 vote is credited for repost through each of the social networks, you can vote through the social network 1 time per day.

Information displayed on the page of the photo which participates in the contest:

On the page of the photo participating in the contest the following is displayed:

a) The name of the contest

b) information about the sponsor, the main prize, the time period of the contest.

c) the name and surname of the author who added the photo.

d) likes counter.

e) specific photo views counter.

f) the number of votes credited through each social network counter.

g) the number of votes enrolled using the coupon codes counter

h) slide bar and the images of other photos which take part in the drawing competition.

i) current position in the competition, is counted by the number of votes. (If the photo hass not gained a single vote, his position will be 0.)