iPhone application

Coupon app for iPhone is a real kuponator on your mobile phone. Download and install this application, and you can view the best coupons directly from the phone and also buy the ones you liked.

On the first tab of the application there is a list of stocks with a brief description of each. Here you can see the basic information – the coupon price and the size of the discount.

By clicking on the stock that interests you, it turns full-screen and its full description becomes available.


If you liked this stock and you made ​​the final decision to participate in it, press the “Buy” button and pay for a coupon. After that, it will be added to the list of your coupons, which can be viewed separately.


In the “My Coupons” section  detailed information about the acquired coupons can be viewed.

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But all this can be done only if you are a registered user. System will ask you to register at the first attempt of coupon purchase


There is also a third window – “Settings”. Here you can fill in your details: name and surname, date of birth and city of residence. In this window you can also subscribe to direct mail


Also, here you can go to “My balance”, where you can check the account for purchasing of the coupons and refill it if necessary


Thus, this application makes purchase of coupons available anywhere, even if you do not have your computer or laptop, but have your iPhone.