Модуль “Unisender”.

Unisender module allows users of your website to do mailing using email-marketing system Unisender.com

All settings are in the administration panel of the site, which is based on a script for collective buying Grouponza.

The module is in a block called “plug-ins” in the administration panel of the site.

When you open the Unisender plug-in, appears its menu and its main page.

This is how the menu looks like:

Its main page looks as follows:

The main page contains the following information: ID of the mailing, mailing type (email or SMS), the start time mailing (if scheduled), the status of mailing, the city to which mailing is made, the number of addresses in mailing list, is reading the letters and following the links specified in the letters monitored. Also, here you can find whether all messages have benn sent to recipients. For a detailed report on the results of mailing you can go to the website of Unisender service to the “More” section.

When you click on the menu item “SMS mailing”, the page with the SMS mailing settings opens.

These settings allow you to specify the sender’s name or phone number of the one on whose behalf the application sends SMS. The next item allows you to select the city, to which the messages will be sent. The next item allows you to select users who can read this mailing or to send it to all available users in your mailing list.

You can then enter your message in the box labeled “Text”.

Once the recipients are indicated and the text is written, you can choose the type of sending, “Immediately” or “On schedule”. If you select the type of immediate mailing, the text will be sent right now. If you select “On schedule”, you can specify the date and time of mailing in the pop calendar.

Email mailing is configured similarly.

Unlike SMS mailing, the Email mailing settings have several additional fields.

In one of the additional fields, the address of the sendercan be indicated. In the next field you can specifiy the subject of the message, which users will see on delivery. Other fields remain unchanged and there you can choose the city, addresses of users, add text of the letters and indicate the type of mailing – “Send immediately” or “On schedule”.

In order to complete mailing you should click on the “Send” button.

In the menu item “Settings” you can define the main parameters of the mailing module to optimize it.

The first field indicates the sender’s name or phone number. The next item allows you to enable / disable tracking of the fact that the users have read the letters. The next item allows you to enable / disable tracking statistics of referrals.

The next field allows you to specify the number of rows to be displayed in the mailing list on the main page in the administration panel site.

In the next section you can enable / disable the module for your site.

Item “Synchronize users” allows you to synchronize your contacts with a mailing list of Unisender to send to those recipients that are in your database on behalf of the service. Items “Synchronize with Unisender before manual sending” and “before automatic sending” allow you to synchronize your contacts database with a database of contacts of Unisender before sending to make sure that information reachs your desired destinations when sending using Unisender.

Item “Synchronize with Unisender at each change of profile” allows you to automatically update your personal and contact information available in the user’s profile to optimize mailing. If synchronization items are enabled the information is updated automatically before sending email.

Item Api key indicates your personal key to access the mailing service Unisender. To save all the settings click “Save”.

The next item on the main menu, “Information”, contains special tags that can be inserted in the text of a letter to reduce the time spent on the preparation of the text and to automate the preparation of letters and messages for mailing.

All the available tags and their meanings with examples are listed on this page. These tags allow you to automatically substitute telephone numbers, contact information, the amount of discounts, various links and other additional information in letters for different users.

The menu item “Personal Cabinet” takes you to your personal account in the Unisender service to view detailed statistics and do various changes in the account.

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