Prizarium is a new module from the company Antalika which adds to the sites of collective purchases a new feature. Its essence lies in the fact that every user can take part in the action of the winning of the prize absolutely free. Just follow the simple instructions, publish a record on your Vkontakte wall and wait for the result.

Benefit for Users

Collective buying sites have gained much popularity in recent years – people know that these pages can offer the desired goods at much lower price. But with Prizarium they can get these items for free which, of course, will further increase demand. The user does not need to do anything serious: only join the group and subscribe to Vkontakte page, publish the appropriate entry on their wall and within two weeks a prize will be awarded to one of the participants. In case of victory the customer receives a gift and in case of defeat loses nothing. A win-win lottery.

Video about the module:

Benefit for the holder of the site

Prizarium module is another useful marketing tool for anyone who owns a site of collective purchases. Site is visited by many people and few of them will refuse to participate in prize drawing for free. And given the fact that all the participants publish advertisements on their pages on the site Vkontakte, the use of Prizarium can be a great marketing ploy to attract a large number of clients.

Prizarium opens new opportunities for coupon sites to attract new visitors and to advertise through social networks. Everyone knows that the Internet and in particular the social networks Facebook, Vkontakte, Twitter are the main means of mass advertising so do not miss the opportunity to use them to your best advantage. Prizarium is an indispensable module for collective buying site that will bring joy to your customers and effective advertising to you.

How does it work?

In fact everything is very simple: the user visits the site and sees a variety of prizes that he can get absolutely free. He chooses the item that interests him and presses “Get”. After a short process of registration or authorization repost of the entry about the item appears on your wall in a social network “Vkontakte” and the proposal to join the group “Groulion” pops up.

How are the winners chosen?

System here is also simple: there is a scale of points that are awarded to the user for a certain action. For publishing post the user is awarded with 150 points, for joining the group of the brand, whose prize is being played – 60 points, for joining the group Groulion – 50 points.

These points are pretty easy to earn, but to win you will have to do your best. Because for every invited friend user gets 20 points, and if this friend also takes part in the draw – 15 points more.

In case several users receive an equal number of points the winner is determined randomly using the site