Store module 

Store module allows you to get possession of a full online shop within the coupon site. You will be able to sell not only services but also products as such. But it is better to consider the following example.


Here is an example of the main page of the online store. The upper band has the arranged sections of the goods that you define yourself and under them there are the links to products available in the section. Immediately on the main page you can find the name of the product, its original price, the discount, special price, the number of people who have already purchased the product, the nearest to the store metro station and the time before the action ends. Also each product has a “Details” button, clicking on which you can go to the page of this product.


When switching to the product page, the box prompting to post a link to this product in any of the social networks appears. For this client will receive a 10% discount on this product. The client can immediately see how much it will cost when just buying a product and with publication in social networks and then make a decision.


Here is the main page of any product. Here the customer can see the photos of this product, see the size of the discount, the initial and final price of the goods, the number of days until the completion of the action and the number of items purchased. In a small block below there are items “Description”, “Payment”, “Delivery” and “Return”. Let’s look at each of them in details.


In the “Description” window there is a brief description of the goods sold.


In the “Payment” window you can find the ways in which the customer can pay for goods.


In the “Delivery” window the terms of delivery are set out.


In the “Return” window you can find the return policy considering goods of inadequate quality.


Below you can find a more detailed description of goods as well as a video review of this product .


As in the standard coupon site, the online store has a section “Conditions”, which describes in detail the conditions for granting discounts on goods.


Important section – “Information”. Here the customer can find the address of the shop and its phone number and other details (optional). A further advantage is the presence of module map on which the customer will be able to see the location of the store immediately.


In addition there is a “Features” section which in details desctibes all the product characteristics as well as its equipment.


When the client has already decided to buy and clicked “Add to Cart”, he gets into his private cabinet where he can fill in his personal details, choose a shipping method and of course determine the number of units of acquired goods. On the same page he can track the status of his order.


In the “Personal Information” item the customer’s data will be displayed, in the same place he can replenish his balance.


In the “My Coupons” item the purchased coupons will be displayed.


And in “My products” item – respectively, the purchased goods.


There is also “Invite friends” item where the customer will be able to invite his friend to your online shop for which he will receive certain bonuses.

Thus, thanks to Store module you can manage your own online store which is located right within your coupon site.