The Antalika company has recently developed the new module called “Planbee -System of Distribution and Swap of Actions” This module will allow you to easily and effectively participate in the modern collective purchases system Planbee.

This module will be useful both to the service providers who in the purpose of advertising of their business place various actions at coupon sites and to coupon sites themselves. Thanks to module “Planbee -System of Distribution and Swap of Actions”, service provider can put an action not at a single site but at hudred sites at a time, spending incredibly little time and effort. Coupon sites benefit in that they do not have to search each provider individually because they are all already in the Planbee database.


The principle of operation is extremely simple – service providers add their actions to the single Planbee database, where they are processed, are brought to a common sight and are placed on all possible coupon sites that are already cooperating with the Planbee system. This saves time and money for both coupon sites and service providers.

Planbee system has a great advantage and it is in its uniqueness since such a service does not exist anywhere yet. Such services are delivered only by this project, so the installation of module “Planbee -System of Distribution and Swap of Actions” is a logical decision. By installing this module you will immediately solve many problems associated with the distribution of actions and also you will  ptimize the basic processes in this area.

Install module “Planbee -System of Distribution and Swap of Actions” to your site and get the opportunity to post your action to the large number of coupon sites within 10 minutes and a few mouse clicks.

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connection of the PlanBee module is absolutely


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